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We do this in two ways:

1) LOCAL TEACHING SEMINARS: David Oaks Ministries conducts teaching seminars throughout the United States for local churches and groups of churches. David has pastored since 1983 and has traveled to Israel over 25 times since 1987. He began studying in Israel at Ulpan Akiva whose former directoress, Shulamith Katznelson, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. His knowledge of Bible prophecy and his experience with modern day Israel combine to give his seminar attendees the ability to judge current events in light of the word of God so that they may always find themselves siding with the Lord despite what world opinion may say.

In addition to pastoring and teaching, David is also a musician and has written original songs in Hebrew based on scripture. Some of his works have been broadcast on Israeli radio. He and his wife, Rachel, have performed his music at numerous functions in Israel for schools, community celebrations, on army bases and at gatherings of Knesset members and Israeli educators. To arrange a seminar in your area, contact David Oaks Ministries, P.O. Box 3261, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006 or call (918) 333-2838.

2) ISRAEL TOURS: Jesus told his disciples to watch the fig tree (Israel) and all the trees (nations) in order to know when the kingdom of God was at hand (LUKE 21). In 1987, David began Israel Study Tours with David Oaks allowing people the opportunity to view first-hand the land of the Bible while studying about the events of the last days. You are invited to travel to Israel with David as your host for a two week experience of seeing, hearing and touching the land and the people of the book. For tour information, please contact Rachel Oaks at Allonim Tours, P.O. Box 3261, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006 or call (918) 333-2838.

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